Mitch Kapor Talks Second Life Supremacy

The the creator of Lotus 1-2-3 talks about the disruptive technology that is Second Life., August 21, 2006

The last 12 months have seen the virtual world of Second Life leap into the media spotlight, with a cover story in Business Week, a feature in Popular Science, and any number of other appearances in magazines, newspapers, radio and television. But does the reality of this virtual reality live up to the hype?

To the skeptics, many of whom have seen 3D platforms like VRML come and go leaving nothing but virtual corpses in their wake, Second Life is little more than the latest passing fad. But for the 400-plus Second Life “residents” who showed up for the second annual Second Life Community Convention in San Francisco, their world is nothing less than a revolution in Internet technologies.

They and the world’s half million other users heard their viewpoint backed up at the convention by Mitch Kapor, who came on the technology scene at a time when it looked like the personal computer itself might never catch on.

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